SM Mohamed 6 was still in favor of peace in the world was for him an oath that he did, like all the great personalities who have marked the history of mankind, including the great King Hassan 2 that God rest his soul in his holy mercy, and the king of peace Feu Mohamed 5, King of Morocco is the father of the Nation ... ... ... Gandhi

President Obama is a young and wise President who since his appointment, made incessant efforts for lasting peace in the world, and promotes reconciliation between Muslims and other religions. It is a great President ... and thus to foster peace I propose that all agencies of peace, the proposal by the two heads of state friends and brothers, the Nobel Peace Prize .. because it will encourage other Heads of States to follow their example.

For  SM Mohamed 6 personally I see that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, because it is the only Arab head of state and Muslims that promotes dialogue between cultures and religions, the only Arab head of state and Muslims, who does everything for a lasting peace between the descendants of Abraham, Jews, Christians and Muslims, the head of state making continuous efforts for lasting peace in the Middle and Near East and a Palestinian state to free and independent and heritage conservation to Alqods Achari .

Signed: Achari Moulay Abdellah BOUSKRAOUI

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Release date: 2009-01-20